Durian Aja

Durian Aja

2″X4″ 8’/9’/10’/11’/12’/13’/14’/15’/16’/17’/18’/19’/20’/21’/22’/23’/24′
3″X4″ 8’/9’/10’/11’/12’/13’/14’/15’/16’/17’/18’/19’/20’/21’/22’/23’/24′



The Standard Malaysian Name for the timber of Coelostegia spp., Durio spp., Kostermansia sp. and Neesia spp. (Bombacaceae). Vernacular names applied include durian (Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak) with various epithets as well as other localised names too numerous to list here. Major species include Coelostegia borneensis, C. griffithii; Durio carinatus, D. grandiflorus, D. graveolens, D. lowianus, D. malaccensis, D. oxleyanus, D. singaporensis, D. wyatt-smithii, D. zibethinus; Kostermansia malayana; Neesia altissima, N. kostermansiana, N. malayana and N. synandra. The sapwood is almost white in Durio, pale yellow in Neesia and light orange-yellow in Coelostegia and is sharply defined in Durio and Neesia but only moderately sharply defined in Coelostegia, from the heartwood, which is pink-brown, grey-brown, brown with a red tinge or light orange-brown.
Also known as Durian (Brunei); Bengang, Durian, Durian hantu, Ki bengang and Sibengang (Indonesia); Durian (Philippines); and Chang haek and Turian (Thailand).

Durian is a Light Hardwood with a density of 420-865 kg/m3 air dry.

Four species of durian were tested for their durability by the standard graveyard test and the results indicated that durian timbers are not durable if exposed to natural Malaysian weather conditions. The test samples with dimension of 50 mm x 50 mm x 600 mm were destroyed in a relatively short period of time, for example, Neesia altissima (1.5 years), Durio lowianus (1.7 years) and Coelostegia griffithii (1.5 years) (Mohd Dahlan Jantan et. al., 1987). However, it should be stressed here that the above durability ratings are only applicable to Malaysia where termites are common and fungi are very active throughout the year. In temperate countries, however, the threat of ‘infestation’ by both insects and fungi are very much reduced and the durability of the timber will be greatly extended.

It is easy to treat with preservatives.

June 8, 2020
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